Nick Luscombe “Sound + Space”

2021年度春学期のSEKISUI HOUSE – KUMA LABレクチャーシリーズは「Sound」をテーマとして、音環境や音楽と建築の関係性を議論しました。


シリーズ第1回目は音に関する実験的なリサーチ・キュレーションプロジェクトを展開するMSCTYを主宰するNick Luscombeさんをお招きし、音・音楽と都市の関係性について議論を行いました。


Nick Luscombe “Sound + Space”


場所:Zoom Webinar



Nick Luscombeさんについて

As a producer, engineer, and DJ Nick has worked at the BBC since 1987, hosting BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction for 10 years, and regular popular programmes on BBC World Service.
Nick has notably also been Director of Music at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), while at iTunes between 2006 and 2010 he oversaw the editorial for all of Apple’s European music
stores, and is currently the A&R Consultant at Nonclassical and International Project Consultant at Gearbox records. Nick is also active as a curator of numerous, well-received compilations, including 2020’s Tokyo Dreaming (Nippon Columbia) and Sound Journeys: Switzerland (Nonclassical). As a field recordist Nick has released material on a variety of imprints including Flaming Pines and his own Japan Sound Portrait label.
After being inspired to create a unique agency, fusing the worlds of music, sound-art and architecture, he co-founded Musicity in 2010, and now leads the project to greater international expansion through the recently founded MSCTY Japan start-up.