SONO Masayuki + Ostap RUDAKEVYCH “3D Printed House – from Mars to Nagoya and beyond”

2022年度春学期のSEKISUI HOUSE – KUMA LABレクチャーシリーズは「House」をテーマとして、住宅を技術的、社会的、美学的な視点から考察します。

シリーズ第1回目は、NASAとの協働によって進められている火星実験住宅プロジェクト「Mars Ice House」や、3Dプリント住宅プロジェクト「Serendix Sphere」など、建築領域での3Dプリント技術の応用において積極的な活動を展開しているニューヨークの建築設計事務所Clouds Architecture Officeの曽野正之さんとOstap RUDAKEVYCHさんをお呼びします。


SONO Masayuki + Ostap RUDAKEVYCH “3D Printed House – from Mars to Nagoya and beyond”


場所:Zoom Webinar




Cloud Architecture Officeについて

CLOUDS Architecture Office is an idea driven multidisciplinary practice that fuses extensive experience from the fields of architecture, academia, and the arts. Founded in 2010 in New York City by partners Masayuki Sono and Ostap Rudakevych, the firm has completed numerous projects that explore the intersection between conceptual and experiential approaches to the built environment. The partners have experience in working on an array of cultural and institutional projects ranging in scale from national museums to multi-media installation for major film festivals.
The work of CLOUDS Architecture Office has received numerous awards, including AIA New York Interior Honor Awards and the Public Project Award. The firms work has been featured in international publications and in exhibitions at the SFMoMA, AIA New York Center for Architecture, The Storefront for Art and Architecture, Mori Museum and Vitra Design Museum.
Both partners have lectured in academic settings and are regularly invited to design studio