Clark Thenhaus “Almost Familiar”

2022年度春学期のSEKISUI HOUSE – KUMA LABレクチャーシリーズは「House」をテーマとして、住宅を技術的、社会的、美学的な視点から考察します。


シリーズ第3回目は、Endemic Architectureを主宰するClark Thenhausさんにレクチャーをしていただきます。Clarkさんはヴィクトリアンハウスと呼ばれる、アメリカサンフランシスコで19世紀半ばから20世紀初頭に数多く建てられた住宅の形態分析を行い『Unresolved Legibility in Residential Types』という本を執筆しています。


Clark Thenhaus “Almost Familiar”


場所:Zoom Webinar



Clark Thenhausさんについて

Endemic Architecture is based in Alameda, California and Denver, Colorado. With a record of work spanning residential, commercial, & institutional projects Endemic Architecture:
1 . seeks to enrich experiences within the built environment by eliciting curiosity and delight while maintaining a commitment to the social, cultural, & contextual dimensions of architecture;
2. seeks to be inclusive of a wide array of social and physical contexts by creating architecture that what we call “almost familiar”;
3. prefers mixed meanings, open interpretations, & varied associations rather than fixed messages or singular narratives;
4. is committed to creating architecture through collaborations that celebrate the nuances of local conditions and individual projects demands;
5. maintains a commitment to expanding architecture’s received histories, theories, representations, voices, & techniques.
While not all of the projects are built, they are all grounded in applied research or experimentation that considers built & unbuilt buildings, drawings, models, images, installations, diagrams, & writing as sites for architectural thinking and possible futures in commercial practice.