Clark Thenhaus “Almost Familiar”

The SEKISUI HOUSE – KUMA LAB Lecture Series for the spring semester of 2022 will focus on the theme of “House” and discuss the theme from technical, social, and aesthetic perspectives.


Second session of the series will invite Clark Thenhaus who is the founder & director of Endemic Architecture, and Assistant Professor in Architecture &
Coordinator of Design Media, CCA.


Clark Thenhaus “Almost Familiar”

Date and Time : June 12th, 2022. 10:00~11:10AM JST

Place : Zoom Webinar

Language : English


About Clark Thenhaus

Endemic Architecture is based in Alameda, California and Denver, Colorado. With a record of work spanning residential, commercial, & institutional projects Endemic Architecture:
1 . seeks to enrich experiences within the built environment by eliciting curiosity and delight while maintaining a commitment to the social, cultural, & contextual dimensions of architecture;
2. seeks to be inclusive of a wide array of social and physical contexts by creating architecture that what we call “almost familiar”;
3. prefers mixed meanings, open interpretations, & varied associations rather than fixed messages or singular narratives;
4. is committed to creating architecture through collaborations that celebrate the nuances of local conditions and individual projects demands;
5. maintains a commitment to expanding architecture’s received histories, theories, representations, voices, & techniques.
While not all of the projects are built, they are all grounded in applied research or experimentation that considers built & unbuilt buildings, drawings, models, images, installations, diagrams, & writing as sites for architectural thinking and possible futures in commercial practice.