Japan Studio Symposium, Super Jury, Review held in New York and Princeton

SEKISUI HOUSE – KUMA LAB organized a symposium on the Japan Studio Program at the University of Tokyo Office on January 21.

Initiated by Princeton SOA, the Japan Studio Program has served as a meaningful platform for international collaboration involving a number of schools around the world. After the launch of SEKISUI HOUSE – KUMA LAB, the International Design Studio (Toshiki Hirano Studio) participated in the Japan Studio.

In addition to Jesse Reiser, the symposium was attended by Mónica Ponce de León, Dean of the Princeton University School of Architecture, Professor David Erdman, Chair of the Pratt Institute School of Architecture, and others from the participating Japan Studio schools. At the symposium, institutions from the Japan Studio network presented and discussed how Japan Studio has served as a driving force for new architectural ideas and the future of the program.

This year, in conjunction with the Symposium, a Superjury (joint poster session) was held at Princeton University and a Review with invited architects.


January 20th
Super Jury at Princeton University School of Architecture

January 21st
Session One (Review)

Tei Carpenter(Columbia University, Agency-Agency
Ivi Diamantopoulou(Columbia University, New Affiliates
SONO Masayuki(CLOUDS Architecture Office


Session Two (Symposium)

Opening remark by Kengo Kuma *recorded
Introduction of the symposium by Toshiki Hirano
Keynote speech by Mónica Ponce de León
Lecture by Jesse Reiser
Short presentations by participating institutions (each 10-15min)

Jesse Reiser and Nanako Umemoto(Princeton University)
Mónica Ponce de León (Princeton University)
David Erdman (Pratt Institute)
Lily Zhang (The University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
KITAGAWA Keisuke (Nagoya Institute of Technology) *remote
Weiguo Xu (Tsinghua University) *remote
KUMA Kengo (The University of Tokyo) *remote
HIRANO Toshiki (The University of Tokyo)