Shared Phenomenology

International Symposium – Architecture and Philosophy – Khōrein Journal

Kengo Kuma – Guest Speaker – Architect and Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo
in conversation with:
Kenneth Frampton – Online Guest Speaker – Guest Editor of Khorein V.III, No.1
Petar Bojanić – Professor of Philosophy University of Belgrade – Institute for Philosophy & Social Theory
Snežana Vesnić – Assistant Professor – University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

The phenomenological tradition in architecture has the potential of complementing the dialectical legacy of socialism by emphasizing the ontological sensitivity of the subject with respect to the environment. The interpretation and study of architecture in which the corporeal potential of the subject is envisaged as being realized both individually and collectively through the referential experience and articulation of the built-form. What, then, should be the phenomenality of the democratic, emancipatory architecture of future humanity? How can we explore the intersection between architectural phenomenology and social justice, and its role in the new Anthropocene age?


Date and Time : July 2nd, 2024. 16:30~18:00 JST

Place : KAJIMA HALL, Lecture room no.15 (Engineering Building no.1, 7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, TOKYO)

Language : English

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