Mock-up, Le Neage d’ Aluminum

In collaboration with the French aluminum manufacturer Teknal, KKAA designed a series of furniture pieces using “Tensegrity” structures, a term coined by Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) to describe structures that demonstrate maximum strength with minimal material. KKAA has experimented with these structures across a number of projects including “Casa Umbrella” (2008, Triennale di Milano) and “Hojo-an after 800 Years” (2012, Kyoto).

Production stage: Final mock-up
Scale: 1/1
Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel wire
Exhibition : Kengo Kuma: a LAB for materials
Project Name: Le Neage d’ Aluminum
Location: Paris, France
Year : 2017
Function: Pavilion
Site area : 2,046.06 sqm
Floor area : 1,535.52 sqm
Structure : Wood