Study model, KXK

Shape-memory alloys (SMA), which are typically used for shirt collars, are known to harden in response to body temperature. Drawing on this unique property, KKAA used an SMA for the structure of a domed pavilion. KKAA created 300mm diameter rings using 2mm diameter SMA wires, and joined them together with cable ties to form a 4-m diameter dome. As the alloy is set to soften at low temperatures, at night when temperature drops, the top of the dome dips and the spherical form warps to create a soft form resembling that of an organism. The high-elasticity EVA translucent mesh sheets which envelope the dome also amplify this effect.

Year: 2005
Scale: 1/10
Material: PVC, Steel wire
Exhibition: Studies in Organic
Project Name: KXK (Krug X Kuma)
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2005
Function: Pavilion
Floor area: 5sqm