ANDREW KOVACS is a Los Angeles based designer and educator. Kovacs’ work on architecture and urbanism has been published widely, including The New York Times, A+U, Perspecta, Metropolis, Domus, and The Real Review. Kovacs is the creator and curator of Archive of Affinities, a widely viewed social media feed devoted to the collection and display of architectural b-sides. Kovacs’ design studio, Office Kovacs works on projects at all scales from books, exhibitions, temporary installations, interiors, homes, speculative proposals and public competitions.

Instagram: @archiveofaffinities 


Q1: How are you collaborating with SEKISUI HOUSE-KUMA LAB?
A1: Taught at the International Studio during the spring semester of 2021.

Q2: What is in your photo?
A2: A new model that we produced called Supertall Superobject.

Q3: Please let us know if the photo contains something worth mentioning.
A3: A new model that we produced called Supertall Superobject. It is currently exhibited at the Cooper Union School of Architecture in New York. It is a new model made after the Chicago Model. In the exhibition photo, you can see a work by the artist Thomas Demand and an anatomical model that belonged to John Hejduk.

Q4: Tell us about your recent interests.
A4: Recently, I have become more and more interested in Public Art. I am interested in Public Art that challenges conceptions of art, architecture, urban design, and landscape design.

Q5: How do you want to be part of SEKISUI HOUSE – KUMA LAB?
A5: I am happy to be a part of the KUMA group in any way that I can. Through events, workshops, lectures, and collaborations.