Architect, Ph.D. Student

Born in 1994, Beatrice is a licensed architect and Ph.D. student at Politecnico di Milano. She studied in Paris and Milan, where she received her Bachelor’s (2016) and Master’s degree (2019). Since 2020, she has worked as a teaching assistant in Cino Zucchi’s Design Studio at Politecnico di Milano. She is currently involved in the collective group “Assume There is a Landscape.” With her research, she investigates the design possibilities underpinning preparedness for disastrous events, focusing on the design of adaptable and hybrid spaces.



Q1: How are you collaborating with SEKISUI HOUSE-KUMA LAB?
A1: Internship / Visiting Ph.D.

Q2: What is in your photo?
A2: Part of a bookshelf at home.

Q3: Please let us know if the photo contains something worth mentioning.
A3: Some of my favorite books
– Saul Steinberg, The Labyrinth, New York Review Books, 2018 (first published in 1960)
– Kuroda, Junzo and Momoyo Kaijima, Made in Tokyo: Guide Book, Kajima Institute Publishing Co., 2001
– Murakami, Haruki, Kafka on the shore, Random UK, 2005
– Heimann, Jim. California Crazy. American Pop Architecture. Taschen, 2018.

Q4: Tell us about your recent interests.
A4: As a European architect, I am very fascinated by Japanese architecture, by the contradictions, the balance, and deepness that characterize it. I landed in Tokyo in April 2022 for a research stay regarding my work about how architecture could dialogue with natural disasters and what it could imply if urban spaces were designed to accept a certain degree of destruction. I am interested in how ordinariness and extraordinariness can coexist and shape space. Beyond my research interests, I am a passionate reader and illustrator.

Q5: How do you want to be part of SEKISUI HOUSE – KUMA LAB?
A5: It would be a unique opportunity for me to explore and exchange ideas with the group as a think thank. It could be interesting to organize thematic formal or informal events where to meet and discuss with each other!