Study model, Takanawa Gateway Station

By designing an origami-shaped roof that draws on the principle of folded plate structures, we were able to reduce the quantity of structural material, while spatially, we attempted to achieve an intimacy in scale.
The roof required a high-performance drainage system, and at the same time we wanted to ensure that it did not give an overwhelming impression; thus we used a combination of translucent membranes that diffuse soft light and transparent membranes (ETFE) that allow a view of the sky.
In search of the optimum solution fulfilling these complicated requirements, we created many iterations of paper study models, testing different origami folding techniques.

Year: 2019
Production stage: Construction site inspection
Position: Quadruple column joint
Scale: 1/2
Material: Styrofoam
Project Name: Takanawa Gateway Station
Location: Tokyo2-chōme-1 Kōnan, Minato City, Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2020
Function: Station
Site area: 11,561.35sqm
Floor area: 3,969.52sqm
Structure: hybrid