1989 Born in Fukuoka and spent the childhood in Indonesia
2007-2013 The University of Tokyo (Japan)
2012 Sint-Lucas Brussels (Belgium)
2013-2023 Kengo Kuma and Associates
2023- MYAT Co., Ltd


Q1: How are you collaborating with SEKISUI HOUSE-KUMA LAB?
A1: Member of SEKISUI HOUSE-KUMA LAB. T-BOX manager.

Q2: What is in your photo?
A2: The book I am reading now. I remove the book jacket when carrying the book.

Q3: Please let us know if the photo contains something worth mentioning.
A3: ルネ・ジラール『世の初めから隠されていること』(Original: René Girard, Des choses cachées depuis la fondation du monde

Q4: Tell us about your recent interests.
A4: I struggle daily with how to digest the influence of Kuma-san and create my own style.

Q5: How do you want to be part of SEKISUI HOUSE – KUMA LAB?
A5: I hope we can find a new way of architecture with free ideas.