Digital Archive Symposium

We organized the Digital Archive Symposium on March 24th and 25th at UTokyo New York Office with the generous support from UTokyo New York Office Event grant program.

25 Researchers, archivists, and curators from Japan, United States, Canada, and Germany participated in the symposium and exhanged knowledges and issues around digital archive in architecture field. KATO Koichi, advisor of the lab gave an opening remark, and Barry Bergdoll, international advisor gave a keynote. HIRANO Toshiki joined as one of the panelists, and the enitre symposium was modarated by Seng Kuan.


Barry Bergdoll (Columbia University)
Bill Comstock (Harvard Library Imaging Center)
Justine Couture (Canadian Centre for Architecture)
Oliver Elser* (Deutsches Architekturmuseum)
Gary Riichirō Fox (Getty Research Institute)
Paul Galloway (Museum of Modern Art, New York)
Irina Gorstein (Harvard Graduate School of Design Frances Loeb Library)
HIRANO Toshiki (The University of Tokyo)
KATŌ Kōichi* (The University of Tokyo)
Seng Kuan (The University of Tokyo)
TSUNODA Mayumi* (The University of Tokyo)
Andres Lepik (TU Munich Architekturmuseum)
Debora Mayer* (Harvard Library Weissman Preservation Center)
MORIMOTO Sachiko* (The University of Tokyo)
Allison Olsen (University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design Architectural Archives)
Kelli Piotrowski* (Harvard, Weissman Preservation Center)
David Remington* (Harvard University Library, Digitalization center)
Sara Rogers (Harvard Graduate School of Design Frances Loeb Library)
Cristina Steingräber (ArchiTangle Publisher)
TARASHIMA Satoshi* (National Archives of Modern Architecture)
Martien de Vletter (Canadian Centre for Architecture)
Ann Whiteside (Harvard Graduate School of Design Frances Loeb Library)
William Whitaker (Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design9
YAMAZAKI Mikihiro* (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
Ines Zalduendo (Harvard Graduate School of Design Frances Loeb Library)

*remote attendance



Welcome and Keynote
Welcome: Seng Kuan, HIRANO Toshiki
Opening remark: KATŌ Kōichi
Keynote speech: Barry Bergdoll

Architectural archives: an overview
Presentation: TARASHIMA Satoshi, MORIMOTO Sachiko, TSUNODA Mayumi, YAMAZAKI Mikihiro, William Whitaker, Andres Lepik, Paul Galloway and Barry Bergdoll

Born-digital collections
Presentation: Martien de Vletter, Ann Whiteside and Sara Rogers, Allison Olsen

Preservation and imaging
Presentation: Debora Mayer, Kelli Piotrowski and Irina Gorstein, Bill Comstock and David Remington

3D digitalization
Presentation: Oliver Elser, Gary Riichirō Fox, HIRANO Toshiki

Storage and access
Presentation: Justine Couture, Ann Whiteside, Sara Rogers

Pedagogy and research, Exhibitions and publications
Presentation: Cristina Steingräber, Ines Zalduendo, Paul Galloway