Midterm Review 2022 Spring Semester HIRANO Studio

On Tuesday, May 24, the midterm review of “HOUSE OF IDEAL” of Hirano Studio for the 2022 spring semester was held at HASEKO – KUMA Hall. Seven students presented their outputs from “Exercise 2: Remodel a toy house and derive your ideal from it” in the studio.

We invited TSUGAWA Eri (Tokyo Arts University, ALTEMY)  as a guest critic.

Given toy houses:
リカちゃん ドリームハウス  エレベーターのあるあこがれのおうち (”Licca’s Dream House: The House of Dream with Elevator”)
リカちゃん チャイムでピンポーン かぞくでゆったりさん (“Licca’s family relaxes”)
Sylvanian Families Red Roof Country Home
Play Mobil Take Along Modern Doll House
Barbie Malibu House Playset

※See the studio brief for the details of the exercise

You will find our students’ accomplishments below!
The order reflects the order in which they were presented.

① AKITA Jiro

Remodeled “Licca’s Dream House: The House of Longing with Elevator” focusing on its skeleton structure of it. By changing the background wallpaper in a rolling motion, he allowed toys to live in various locations even in the virtual space.


Remodeled “Licca’s family relaxes”. He noticed that various functions were spread out on the same floor without boundaries and that each function was represented by furniture. The floor surface was subdivided to create a fragmented state.

③Chengzhe Zhu

Inspired by its high-tech kitchen, he transformed “Licca’s family relaxes” into a futuristic city. Its original floor is raised to make a three-stories; the grit of central Tokyo on the lowest level, the kitchen was placed on it, and the electrical roof on the top. Here the kitchen is seen as an urban facility, connected to electrodes.


Remodeled “Sylvanian Families Red Roof Country Home”. He focused on the fact that the Sylvanian Families series is more standardized in scale than other dollhouses. He attempted to disassemble and reconstruct the dollhouses, including the dolls, as equal parts.

⑤Baptiste Muller

The idea for this work came from Genpei Akasegawa’s “Canned Universe.” In the artwork, the crab image wrapped around the outside of the can is placed inside. He chose the “Barbie Malibu House Playset”, which is composed of highly penetrating elements. He attempted to create an endless interior space by layering many images, including those doors and windows that cannot be distinguished between front and back.

⑥ABE Kohei

Remodeled “Play Mobil Take Along Modern Doll House”. He considered living in a lush green setting to be ideal. By bringing the stairs and elements used in the kit’s interior outward, he created an interior space that felt connected to the outside.

⑦Hortense Majou

Criticizing”Play Mobil Take Along Modern Doll House”, which intimates a traditional family image and conventional lifestyle, she modified the system to allow for maximum customization.