Mock-up, Hamada Shoyu

KKAA designed an extension to an old soy sauce warehouse in Kumamoto, using “guadua” as the structural material. Guada is a bamboo species found in the highlands of South America, which has the structural strength between that of Japanese bamboo and steel pipes. We reinforced the joints between the bamboo elements by injecting epoxy resin in the hollow internodes before bolting them together to create pin-joints.

Year : 2009
Production stage : Final(Actual structural component)
Position : Structural reinforcement component
Scale : 1/1
Material : Bamboo (Guada)
Exhibition : Kengo Kuma: a LAB for materials
Project Name : Hamada Shoyu
Location : Kumamoto, Japan
Year : 2019
Function : Retail
Site area : 2,046.06 sqm
Floor area : 1,535.52 sqm
Structure : Wood